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Louisville Hands West Virginia first loss, exit pass from the BCS

Last night, the other team from Kentucky defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers in a battle of the #3 and #5 teams in the BCS. Many people had been debating the inclusion of higher-ranked WVU in the BCS National Championship Game. With the loss to UofL, it appears that they likely won’t play in a BCS bowl at all.

After a sloppy first half by both teams, the second half began explosively with three quick fumbles, the last of which resulted in a Cardinal touchdown, followed by a punt return touchdown to put them up by 16. The Mountaineers didn’t go quietly, but neither team was effective on defense. Over 1,000 yards of offense between the two teams! The final score: 44-34.

Now, the BCS debate will center on whether “Loserville” deserves to be in a national championship game if they can run the table. Most SEC fans say no; the rest of the country says yes. It remains to be seen what the pollsters and the computers will say.

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