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The Stupidity of Rocky Top

ESPN’s Page 2 posted yesterday about the favorite song of day-glo orange fans everywhere, Rocky Top. It touches on many issues facing Knoxville residents, from the cost of phone service to a new frightening trend: “date mauling.”

In the overall feeling towards Rocky Top, I have to disagree with the author though. There are few things that make me angrier than listening to this chorus blaring across a football field. Which is sad, because once upon a time I liked the song itself….. but then I went to college. In the SEC. And not in Knoxville.

For my personal “worst sound ever,” it comes down to a close race between Rocky Top, the “Go Gator” intro played by the Florida band, and a slowly dying cat with a wad of bubble gum stuck in its throat clawing on a chalkboard.


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