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Female tennis players ask models to hold their balls

In today’s news, players in this year’s WTA Championships are concerned about their new ball boys: male models hired by the Spanish tennis organization. The replacement ball boys have been called in not because of poor performances by the normal fleet of teenagers, but because of the controversy raised when the men’s tournament in Madrid used female models as ball girls for their tournament.

A model performance at the men’s tournament.

However, during practice this week, some of the players have become worried that the models may not be concentrating enough on doing their job. Elena Dementieva said they were “too busy watching the players.”

She added, “The players are so focused and sometimes they get crazy with the ball boys, so they don’t know what they will be facing in a couple of days.” This did not seem to be a deterrent to the models, who seem to be equally interested in “getting crazy” with some of the players.

Watch your balls, boys. This is a job.


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