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VU Athletics: Alive and Well (From Yahoo! Sports)

Article about Vandy athletics after the dissolution of the AD.


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Vanderbilt Game Blogging


I guess I should finish off this post.  Vandy wins big, 77-44.  Dores should be well rested to face Washington St. on Saturday.  And Duke just lost, woohoo!  First upset of the tourney.


Nothing new to report. Dores are dominating on both sides. GW is missing open layups. My friend showed up (finally) so we are drinking Shiners and enjoying the slaughter. 60-29 11:53 2nd.


Every big screen TV in Buffalo Wild Wings is now tuned to the Vandy game. Since no more games should start before the end of our game, that means we will have a completely captive audience for the second half.


Vanderbilt. Is. Dominating. We are comparable to Louisville right now as far as impressive performances here in the first round. 45-20 at the half.


Because the Vandy/GW game was the last game to start of the afternoon round, we are now the only game running, and so should be seen basically nationwide.


The Vanderbilt offense is completely shredding the GW defense right now, resulting in 3-point shots opening up all over the court. Right now, Vandy is 7-14 from 3 and 4-8 from 2. (30-12 4:50 1st)


A 3 from way downtown (NBA range) followed by a GW shot clock violation forced by our D takes us to the under-8 minute timeout. (22-9 7:35 1st)


Everyone loves an alley oop! (17-9 9:36 1st)


We are lucky that GW is cold from the floor right now. They are getting open looks, but just not hitting them. (15-7 11:41 1st)


Despite receiving quite a few questionable calls already (over and back, traveling), the ‘Dores are out to a 15-7 lead. (12:25 1st)

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Another Vandy Fan Liveblog

It seems Philip has had the same idea as me, and is also currently posting (more eloquently I believe) about today’s games.  You should all go check him out (if there are any more of you reading this except for him).  Especially now, b/c I have to go shower and make my transition to the local BW3 to watch the Vandy game.  (Any Houston-area readers, I’ll be on Bay Area).

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Yahoo! Sports Article on Byars, Vandy vs. GW

Yahoo Sports has an article today on the unselfishness and ability of Derrick going into the first round of the tournament. Click here to read it.

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Note to everyone:  Just pretend that the Vandy vs. South Carolina post I wrote yesterday was written today.  I knew in the morning that it was only Tuesday, but by the afternoon I thought it was Wednesday already.  I’m not sure where that extra day went in my mind.  Maybe I had a long nap I didn’t know about.  Or got abducted by aliens.

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Commodores at South Carolina

Tonight, the Vanderbilt basketball team takes on the Gamecocks in South Carolina. Tonight, I believe they have the chance to seal up a favorable seeding in the NCAA tournament by solidifying their resume with an away victory. The ‘Dores are 7-0 at home in the SEC, and only 2-5 currently. Although SC is far from a powerhouse, any road victory in the SEC is a good accomplishment. Just look at the SEC West, where the home team won every game for the first half of the conference schedule.

Also at stake tonight is the ability to seal up the #2 East seed in the SEC tournament. This will give the Commodores a bye on the first day of the tournament, a very helpful bonus.

My take: I think the Commodores will get things done tonight. Although they have struggled with Carolina in the past, this team can see the spotlight at the end of the road. A loss tonight will open up the SEC East race for #2, and I’m sure the team knows that. Even though they are coming off an emotional win over UK, they did not play as well as normal, so I don’t think they will experience a post-win letdown. I would personally like to see a performance more like the Florida game, where Derrick Byars and Shan Foster seemed to have a side bet going on points in the game. However, any victory is a good one in this situation, and I can almost taste it!

Note: Game is not on TV. So I will be playing softball instead. And probably checking my phone between innings.

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EDSBS link bumps Losers With Socks to top WordPress post of the day

Thanks to a link posted in the comments section of an EDSBS post today,a post on the Losers With Socks UT blog has become the top post on the entire WordPress site today. Congrats on your accomplishment, LWS, but I hope your team is humiliated this weekend.

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