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A Return, Hopefully

Well, after over a month of not posting, hopefully I will be getting back into the game soon.  For any of your out there anxiously waiting for a new post from me…. speaking of which, are there any of you?  (*crickets chirping*…..)… OK, so, anyone who has actually read a post… I will hopefully be able to provide new posts soon.

During the past month I have moved to Texas, and have been spending my time trying to find a job that pays real money…. besides the glory of seeing my blog stats go up, I also like to see the balance in my bank account go up.  Now I’ve discovered that my six-year-old laptop can still browse the internet, so for the time being, that’s how I will be posting.  At least until it dies…. I’m guessing it’s got about three more months left in it.

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