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Month in Review

In response to a recent comment, I wanted to reassure everyone that although I have been missing from my blog recently, I have not been taking a hiatus from Vanderbilt sports in general. In the past few weeks I have:

  • Attended the Houston College Baseball Classic, in which the Diamond ‘Dores went 3-0 including a win over then-#1 Rice, and a thrilling extra innings victory over Arizona State. While a walk-off home run is always fun, it’s not every day you get to see a walk-off stolen home plate. Due to this performance and their continued domination, the baseball team is now ranked #1.
  • Made a trip back to Nashville to see the men’s basketball team knock off #1 Florida. Remember my last post? I think I called this one. This game was quite exhilarating, and had the best crowd and atmosphere I have seen probably since 2004. The team definitely responded with a well-controlled game, including a definite victory in the mental game. Even though we were called for many fouls, I think they helped keep Florida from finding a rhythm more than they hurt our team.
  • During the same trip, I watched the women’s team completely destroy the South Carolina team the next day. Our women’s team is quite fun to watch, putting up as many 3’s as the men’s team, and with a great inside-outside game.
  • Asked many many bar owners to put Vanderbilt games on TV in Houston. Thus far, it has been quite a success! Compared to a year or two ago, many more bars pick up the out of area games, which helps me out a lot.

And now, the ‘Dores have won their fourth game in a row against Kentucky, which completely sealed up their NCAA tournament bid for this year.  Now we just need to get into the 4-5 seeding range.  If we can close out our season with two more wins, and end the SEC campaign at 11-5, I think that we will be quite happy with our seed, no matter the SEC tournament results.  It will be very nice to not have to be biting my nails on Selection Sunday!

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