Vanderbilt Names Overflow the Pool of Unknowns

Vanderbilt players have inundated the list of the best players you’ve never seen on Yahoo! Sports. Commodore stars Earl Bennett (WR), Chris Williams (OL), and Jonathan Goff (LB) all received write-ups, as well as an honorable mention for Brian Stamper (OL).  The writer even finished up his blurb on Goff with the following statement:

The inclusion of three Vanderbilt players on this team indicates that perhaps the Commodores’ hopes of earning their first bowl bid since 1982 aren’t so far-fetched.

This is the sort of press that has me very excited about the upcoming season.  As opposed to the last 3 years, where the articles were always asking if one player could lead us to the promised land of a December/January game, we are now receiving coverage of many of our players.  It takes a full team to win in the SEC, and this year we truly have one.


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3 responses to “Vanderbilt Names Overflow the Pool of Unknowns

  1. What about Nickson? Do you think he will improve upon his pretty solid 2006 numbers? As a Wake Forest alum an fan, I would like (almost) nothing more than to see Vandy in a bowl in 2007. If you guys win 3 of 4 con-conference games (which I hope happens, since you play us), you get very winnable home games against Ole Miss and Kentucky. Win those and all it takes is one upset to get to bowl eligibility.

  2. Gwen

    I agree with the author of this article. There is no “I” in “TEAM”!!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Personally, I feel like Nickson will put up better numbers in 2007, especially in TD/INT rates. He will have a more senior OL to protect him, and will be a more intelligent passer. Perhaps not as many rushing yards this year, as we need to keep him safe, but I think he should be improved as a passer. Kentucky really scares me this year. They finished strong last year and are hyped up for a big year this year.

    But, so is every other team in the SEC, and it will take several weeks to find out which teams will actually contend.

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