Vanderbilt vs. Georgetown – Tonight

After much thought and confusion, I am now posting my preview of tonight’s matchup between the Hoyas and the Commodores.  As I wrote in my earlier posting, this is going to be a true challenge for the ‘Dores, facing a superior sized opponent.  They are also known to go to the running game, so I am unsure if we will be able to wear them out with an up tempo gameplan.

I started out this week very apprehensive.  I still find myself with those feelings, but they are much closer to the way I feel before any important game, and no longer on par with where I was during the game against UConn in 2004.  I no longer feel Georgetown is a “super team” on par with the Okafor led Huskies.  Georgetown does have several very large players, but Vanderbilt has actually played great ball against similar teams throughout the season.  For instance, against Florida and LSU.

Vandy also has the desire to avenge the loss earlier this season.  This team is completely different than it was back when the Hoyas handed them a 16 point loss in Nashville.  This is their chance to show everyone just how far they have come.   And now, with most analysts going back to giving the ‘Dores no chance to win the game, the issue of having something to prove becomes even stronger.

From what I have heard, everyone on the team has been enjoying themselves in New Jersey, but also have been practicing very well.  I feel that they will be quite prepared for the matchup tonight and will come out ready to prove the skill of the SEC and the “academic” teams.  There is a good chance that the magic of this season will end tonight, but the players are prepared and I think that they will give a fabulous effort.  At the end of the game, I think the Commodores will have themselves in a position to win.  And after the heroics of the double overtime game against Washington State, I won’t be one to pick against us in the clutch.

Let’s Go Dores!

P.S. I will miss almost the whole game, so I am relying on Vanderbilt to win so that I have another chance to watch the team this season.


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2 responses to “Vanderbilt vs. Georgetown – Tonight

  1. Sorry you won’t get that chance. This team was certainly one of the more remarkable since I’ve been following VU — really only the 1993 team executed better in the clutch.

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